Early End of Week News

I’m headed to a wedding in Michigan tomorrow, so here is your early end of week news.


Beastie Boys seek $2 million from Monster for copyright infringement (via Reuters)

Takeaway: Monster, it sounds like you needed a licensing associate on your staff. Maybe this wouldn’t happen if you had an IPMM alumni on staff.

“Reid Kahn, Monster’s lawyer, acknowledged the energy drink maker had infringed the Beastie Boys’ copyrights but said it was because an employee thought the company had permission to use the music.”


Crowdfunded ebooks become copyright-free once they’ve reached their target (via Springwise)

“The site offers a unique way for authors and publishers to get paid while also avoiding DRM restrictions that can stop readers accessing their work on multiple devices or from copyright laws that keep works from the public domain for up to 70 years after the creator’s death, thus enabling a freer flow of information and ideas”


Imposing Security (via MIT Technology Review)

“Three computer bugs this year exposed passwords, e-mails, financial data, and other kinds of sensitive information connected to potentially billions of people. The flaws cropped up in different places—the software running on Web servers, iPhones, the Windows operating system—but they all had the same root cause: careless mistakes by programmers.”


6 Trial Tips Your Law School Professors Left Out (via Law360, subscription required)