Monday Must-Reads

Broad Institute Gets Patent on Revolutionary Gene-Editing Method (via MIT Technology Review)

“On Tuesday, the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard announced that it had been granted apatent covering the components and methodology for CRISPR—a new way of making precise, targeted changes to the genome of a cell or an organism. CRISPR could revolutionize biomedical research by giving scientists a more efficient way of re-creating disease-related mutations in lab animals and cultured cells; it may also yield an unprecedented way of treating disease”


The Truth about GoogleX: An Exclusive Look Behind the Secretive Lab’s Closed Doors (via Fast Company)


Apple Knocked For ‘Patent Troll’ Proxy War Against Google (via Law360)

“U.S. District Judge Claudia Wilken said in the ruling that there was a “direct link” between lawsuits by Rockstar, which is backed in part by Apple, against smartphone makers that use Android and “Apple’s unique business interests,” and described a Rockstar unit based in Delaware as a “sham entity for the sole purpose of avoiding jurisdiction.””


Six degrees from Ocean Tomo – the broad reach of a patent pioneer (via IAM Magazine Blog)


The Taxation of Intellectual Capital – Lily Kahng, Seattle University School of Law (via SSRN)