Friday Must-Reads

Apple lays out its new case against Samsung, says 50 patents could have been at stake (via The Verge)

“At the heart of Apple’s argument is that the company changed the very face of consumer electronics with the iPhone in 2007, and risked nearly everything in the process. Moreover, Apple says Samsung took the fast track to success, copying many of its features and making billions in the process”

USPTO Launches New Glossary Pilot Program to Promote Patent Claim Clarity (via USPTO press release)

“”We recognize that a patent with clearly defined boundaries provides notice to the public to help avoid infringement, as well as avoid costly and needless litigation down the road,” said Michelle Lee, Deputy Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Deputy Director of the USPTO.”

DuPont’s $920M Kevlar Trade Secrets Award Tossed (via Law 360. Subscription)

“A three-judge panel unanimously vacated the jury award in the trade secrets case and ordered a new trial, ruling that U.S. District Judge Robert E. Payne improperly excluded evidence relevant to Kolon’s defense. Kolon claimed that the excluded evidence suggested DuPont disclosed some of the trade secrets in prior litigation against Akzo Nobel NV.”

Made in the Future (via Cool Hunting)

“Colin Raney of IDEO explains the inner-workings of their side project—made possible with help from MIT Media Lab”